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SPRING replicas: bargains

Introduction Spring has the advantage to don't be expensive and to work by all weather ( and without supplementary equipment, no battery, no gaz).
We have aslo inclued in this section bolts, who are long replica of precision , generally very powerful. Security distance are mot strict with bolts ( snipes ).

Well L96A1 - Snipe of the Year !
Well L96A1 – THE snipe of the year 2007 ! The best ratio quality/price never seen, it's the famous Well L96A1. An excellent quality and a very affordable price. 150 € (~240 $ ; ~ 120 £) - 450 FPS

Spring : for small budget
To people who haven't really patience to have budget to the Well L96A1. Swiss Arm Black Eagle M6 – 85 € (~135$;~70£) A good spring.Attention, it isn't recommended to buy a snipe like first replica. 365 FPS (1,1 J- 40 m ),

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Spring : Mini-budget
Ideal to small budgets but doesn't expect precision shot beyond 15m neither at solid pieces. For the same price, I advise you to take a gaz. 205 FPS ( 0,45 J -15 m )

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