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AEGs: bargains

This section present only some good replica « cheap ». Marui's AEG are all of superior quality and offer a guaranteed durability !

Replicas proposed in this section are of excellent quality. They are an alternative less expensive as the very famous Marui replica, but with some pieces slightly less durable. More comment on the forum article. Only 2 AEG brand to remember : Cyma and Jing Jong ( and the world is your).

Replica – AEG: Bargains

Cyma AK47 CM028 or Army AK-47 A prefect replica to began airsoft, no badly surprise with this purchase ! 100€ (~160$;~80£) ( on 305 FPS. Perfect to began airsoft, elegant, and of excellent quality. Most :Good solidity. Good performance (reach, rhythm). Wood well imitate. 100 % Marui compatible. Least : Fragile butt in the event of violent shock.

Jing Gong Steyr AUGThe quality is amazing with the small price of this replica of very good quality, it's too one of the models top of the brand. 110€ (~175$;~85$) ( on 345 FPS out of box. Most : Solidity, material qualtity, power, handling. The look for somebody who like... Least : The Hop up is hard to adjust. A bit of loose in the canon and the hand guard ( like on the Marui).

Dboys série M4 and M4A1 Buy with full knowledge of the facts : Dboys replicas regularly suffer from defect sometimes serious ! Full metal, the gearbox is origin reinforce : really the top quality. 130€ (~205$;~105£) ( on 350 FPS out of box. Full metal except butt. Most:Origin CASV. Good finishs. A lot of metal part in the Hicap.Exterior canon « bride » in the CASV. Metal Hop up. Metal reinforce gearbox and origin 7mm barrel. Strap 3 points supply. Least:Some imperfection at purchase of certain replica. Not metal bushing.

Cyma AK-74 CM031An indisputable quality and solidity of this replica of the famous brand Cyma. 110€ (~175$;~85£) ( on 320 FPS Most: Aesthetic and realisation quality. Pieces finitions. Very solid gearbox. Least: Gearbox sometimes not enough grease. Less easily playable ( above all in interior).

AGM M14 MP008 A long and heavy replica at low price. For snipers, we recommend the Well L96A1 in manual version. 140€ (~220$;~110£) ( on 330 FPS. AGM's AEG with metal gearbox and adjustable Hopup.Replica impressive of quality and realism. Most: Surprising replica quality. Terrible look. Good quality accesories. Least: Fragile breech. Low Hopup. Not the quality of the Well L96A1.

Electric AEP (pistols) ATTENTION: Only versions CM 027 and more of CYMA are satisfactory ( (flee CM 022, ...) Cyma 030 G18C 75€ (~120$;~60£) Most: Marui compatible. Good solidity. Electric pistols : the style ! Least: Finishes and markings a bit eccentric.

Others again The brand Cyma offer very good models of MP5, M14, Thompson M1A1 for approximately the same price. The brand Jing Jong offer a mos wide choice with their famous M4 RAS, G36C. Attention however at the power sometimes exaggerated to some models who go beyond the autorised limites in clubs ( 350 FPS).

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